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Thank you for taking the time to find out about our exciting brand new product and our extensive line of undersidewalk rectangular pipe! The Curb-O-Let is quickly becoming an industry standard due to its quality and efficiency, and we are pleased to present to you the nations most cutting-edge undersidewalk curb drain system.

Enduring Benefits

We trust that you too, will clearly see the benefits of the Curb-O-Let, in providing a long lasting, weather enduring architectural look through years of service. It allows the drain pipe to penetrate the curb without the probable unnecessary expense of having to redo the curb form due to damage from chipping, cracking and spalding or misalignment. All sizes have the same ease of installation, no cutting of forms is required. Simply place Curb-O-Let between curb forms before the concrete is poured. Once the back form is removed, the drainage pipe is linked without couplings and installation is complete. It's just that simple.

Competitively Priced

Additionally, our competitively priced steel rectangular pipe provides the user with features not seen anywhere else in the industry, from special sizes to exceptional production methods. You will clearly see over the next few minutes that the Curb-O-Let line will make a fine partner in building the next generation of America's communities.

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